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Auto Texting

Auto Texting is an assistant for your Droid. It simplifies your task during you are in a meeting, in the road. It allows customizing for each contact, or groups.


- Auto-reply SMS for incoming SMS and missed calls for specific (individual or group) numbers.
- Quickly per group enable auto-reply.
- Quickly calendar add
- Quick reply sms/missed call

and more

- Keyword enabled templates (ex. Hi $name, I'm in the meeting, I will call you back)
- Add/edit/delete reusable templates.



  • Main screen:When open the app. , you will see a list of templates.
    • You can quickly enable/disable pre-configured auto-reply SMS/call.
    • Add/delete/edit: focus on a template then press menu button, or press and hold a template in the list.
    • Add keyword: During edit template, please menu button to add available keywords.
  • Edit Call Assist:
    • Input title/message content/ select contact who will be replied automatically when you received a missed call or SMS

  • Predefined macros
    • $name: Contact's name defined in your address book.
    • $first_name: Contact's first name defined in your address book
    • $now: time when SMS is sent (ex. 20 Feb 2010), change it format in settings.
    • $next5min: now plus 5 minutes
    • $next15min: now plus 15 minutes
    • $next30min: now plus 30 minutes
    • $next1hour: now plus 1 hour
    • $next2hour: now plus 2 hours
    • $tomorrow: tomorrow from now
    • $nextweek: next week from now
    • Please email me or comment on this page if you find any useful macro