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SMS Migrator

Keep your SMS forever! Contact, Q&A

***SMS Migrator works well with around 1000 SMSs, if you have more than that number, consider to break into smaller files and import one by one***


Step by Step to migrate

- Step 1: Check your operating system of your phone first. Then download and install an exporting software that works with your phone:
     Free one works with almost phone.

- Step 2: Export SMS from your phone with installed software.
- Step 3: Copy exported file to the SDCard of your Android Phone.
- Step 4: Open SMS Migrator, configure carefully parameters (especially Export Software  and Encoding that you had used during exporting process), and select your sms file on SDCard (don't forget to turn off USB storage for your SDcard on your Android phone). DONE

Step 1, 2 work on your old phone and PC (or Mac/Linux), step 3 works on your Android phone plugged on your PC, step 4 works with SMS Migrator on your Android Phone.

- If your phone is not supported by above software, drop me a few lines with the detail of your phone (such as phone model, OS, etc.)
- If you use other software to export your SMS, please contact me.

Android Market Problem:

- Google does not sell app for certain countries. Please checkout here
However, you can buy it on
- If you run on FroYo, please consider this article that may help you to show protected apps.
- UK users: How to fix UK Android Market download and Gmail log-in errors 




    • Select your software which is used to exported SMS Missing Sync, iPhone-iSMS, Nokia PC Suite, custom
    • Select encoding which is used during exporting.
    • For custom exported format, please set advanced options
    • Click "Select a file to import"  to browse your file and select a file to import
    • Please contact me if you have format which does not support, I will incrementally add new format and you will be invited to test your format.